Pendants Pendants Pendant Black Tahitian pearl set in 14 k yellow gold surrounded by .50 carat diamonds 118402150 Pendant Brazilin emerald cut emerald set in 14k white gold surrounded by diamonds. 118403509 Pendant Amathyst set in red gold 118403510 Pendant Australian opal surrounded by diamonds and Brazilian emeralds. 118403511 Pendant Hand carved 14k yellow gold beetle pendant. 118403512 Pendant Australian opal pendant set in 14k yellow surrounded by diamonds and emeralds. 118403513 Slider Cabochon cut Burma ruby pendant set in 14k yellow gold. 118403822 Pendant Marquise and Heart shaped Diaomnds set in 14k yellow gold. 121132939 Pendant Custom Made 14k Yellow Gold Pendant 206375997