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Generation Y Shoppers

Posted on January 21, 2013 at 3:25 AM

Generation Y are staring to hit their mid-30 and beginningto make the purchases of successful business men/women and entrepreneurs. Forthis reason many companies are spending a lot of money to research and targetthis large and growing population of consumers.

So first lets define what Generation Y is as those bornbetween 1978 and 2000.

JCK, one of the largest Jewelers in the US asked Dr. KitYarrow, a San Francisco psychology professor and author of Gen BuY: How Tweens, Teens, and Twenty-Something Are RevolutionizingRetail.

“It was of not surprise that technology has a largeinfluence on the shopping patterns of this group. They have shorter attentionspan and great belief in innovation.” They want everything up to date thenewest model.  They will search Facebookor Yelp for reviews on a place and weigh the reviews to consider if they willuse the product or service.

“Status for this generation isn’t about money its aboutattention.” This generation has grown up with such prosperity, always given a lotthat their expectations are higher than the last generation. “What they arelooking for is something that sets them apart. It could be a unique item orunique experience. This generation cares a lot about social issues. They arethinking about the environment and recycling. Today “used” jewelry is becomingmore fashionable because no new product was needed to be taken out of theearth. This generation thinks outside the box and don’t stick to norms andenjoy feeling like they belong to a community or group.

At The House of Jewels, we can take your old jewelry torecycle the material for something new and unique. Your piece will be a one ofa kind that you can ask us to make or we can create together. At House ofJewels in Pacific Beach, San Diego you are not only a customer but you will bepart of the family. On Saturdays, the store turns into a “social club” whereclients come in to bring their dogs for Len to play with, talk to Sofia, drinksome coffee and schmooze.

We invite you to come enjoy the Experience.


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