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Posted on February 11, 2012 at 5:35 PM

You are preparing for an event this weekend and your favorite pair of earrings or necklace breaks. You need to have it fixed as soon as possible so you go to your local jewelry store and ask to get it repaired. You are told that it will be ready early next week at the earliest. So a question comes to mind. Why is it going to take so long to do a simple repair?

When you bring your jewelry to a store, it is not always a given that the store has a jeweler on premises to fix your jewelry. Some stores send your pieces out to other stores or jeweler’s around town to do the repair. This compromises the safety of your piece because although you may know the store, you don’t know the jeweler. Also, this means it will take longer to get your favorite piece of jewelry back, and if it is not done correctly then it has to be sent back which means more time in other words you will not be show off your favorite piece this weekend.

When looking for a jeweler or jewelry store, it is beneficial to find one with a jeweler on premises or even better when the jeweler owns the store. This way you know that your jewelry will not leave the store, you can discuss your repairs with him/her directly; your work will be done quicker and if there needs to be changes in most cases it can be done that same day or while you wait.

So this is where we come in. At the House of Jewels, master jeweler Leonid Shpigel will personally take care of your repairs with the same care as he does with his own wife’s jewelry. Simple repairs can be done while you are having a cup of coffee next door or shop at your favorite local stores. Your piece will never leave the store and if there needs to be any changes, it will be done while you wait so you wont be without your piece for that special evening.

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