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Posted on January 14, 2012 at 7:35 PM

For many of us, our jewelry is valuable both monetary and sentimental. For this reason, you should find a jeweler you feel comfortable with to keep your jewelry healthy and in top shape.

Regular examination of your jewelry and prongs of your rings will not prevent them from wear or damage, but it just might save you from losing your stones. When you have just purchased a ring, having it checked every six months is probably sufficient. However, if you know that you will constantly be wearing your jewelry and your activities include working in the garden, housework, exercise or a job that requires constant hand use, then greater frequency is recommended. With regular checks, your jeweler can detect a prong that is wearing thin or bent that may lead to a loose or lost stone. They will be able to advice you of how you can fix or restore the ring.

Keep in mind, sometimes soap, dirt or lotion may actually be keeping your stones in place. For this reason, a cleaning is recommended before the jeweler checks your prongs to see the “true” condition of your ring.

Platinum is a softer metal then gold, for this reason it is recommended to have your platinum jewelry checked more frequently than gold.

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